Orlando Creative Movement Classes

Creative Movement is a fun and effective way of introducing young children to the structure and discipline of a dance class. Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, creative thinking, and expression while teaching basic elements of dance, including rhythm, movement quality, space, body awareness and shape. All classes are taught in a positive, encouraging environment with ages ranging from 3 to 5 and 6 to 9.

Class Fees

There is no registration fee to become a student. Simply purchase a multi-class card, or pay per class. If a class is missed for whatever reason, simply go to the next available class. Payment is due at the beginning of class and can be made by cash, check, or Online Payment. Checks are to be made out to "Northwest Dance Studio".

Creative Movement Dance Classes

Important Dates:


Saturday, November 25th - Closed for Thanksgiving Weekend

Saturday, December 2nd - Last day of classes for the Fall 2017 Semester

Monday, January 8th - First day of classes for the Spring 2018 Semester